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"Short stories, essays and poetry from 'parts of the world where the Internet is not yet so strongly entrenched but where
the human imagination most assuredly is...'"
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"A thought-provoking mélange of essays and short stories…by authors who will be enriching us for years to come." 
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Summer 2005

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Grey White Yellow
By Mita Ghose

 Sometime in the night I wake up. The Cobra is standing over my bed. His tongue flicks out and licks my lips. It nudges its way into my mouth and coils tightly around my tongue. ‘Baba!’ I try to scream, but my tongue is locked. ‘Baba!’ I scream again as the Cobra’s tail lashes out and coils around my tummy and legs, thick, blue-black, glistening, thrashing and squeezing its way in, hurting, hurting, hurting. 

Evicted Squatter
A Poem
By Maxwell Mutami

'Go go elsewhere but here!' 

Testing the Waters
A Review of the Penguin Anthology of New Indian Writing
By Anjana Basu


This is the first of an annual venture planned by Penguin India, a book of new writing that will eventually cover everything from prose to graphic novels to poetry. 

The Journals of William Clifford
By Anjana Basu

As today is auspicious, today is also the day on which work commences on the armature of the goddess for the autumn festival. 

Heaven Can't Wait
By Anthony Milne

“Boy,” he said, “when I went in there by myself and sat in silence next to a stream, under the shady cocoa trees where no bush grows, I say this is heaven.”

Note to our contributors:

The present issue is somewhat truncated because of various reasons, including illness on staff. Most manuscripts submitted prior to August 2005 will be considered for the next issue of Gowanus, due out in  autumn 2005. 

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