Summer 2005
Evicted Squatter
by Maxwell Mutami
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Thunderously they tell me 
'No squatters...
this fertile land belongs 
to highly respected persons 
drop-waist-bellied gentlemen 
and mountainous buttocked ladies 
crowned with schooled minds 
architects of the yesteryear struggle. 

Violently, stupidly and oppressively 
my hard-erected plastic-walled mansion, 
they pull down to its foundations 
ironing flat on the ground 
my all-life amassed box of property 
with their angrily thundering bulldozers 
driven by wage-famished rustics 
my neighbours 
my comrades 
my equals. 

'Go go elsewhere but here!' 
rumbles the snug bug at the crest 
to us the ill-favoured 
stoically sauntering through 
smog choked desert-avenues of life 
while thrusted on the back of Fate. 

The allegorical  'elsewhere' 
indirectly implies, be no more, 
like dew in rising hot sun, go off 
the rugged face of unfair Earth 
for the heavenly chosen to enjoy 
the precious inheritance 
the juicy-sweet fruits 
of our forebears' land 
good black land 
land for all 
cost litres of red blood to recoup... 
true-sons-of-the-soil's Land. 

(Maxewell Mutami's poems have been published in the International Library of Poetry and in The Best Poets of 2000. Others have been selected for publication by the South African Institute of Poetry. His work is also available at: www.poetry.com and wwww.voicesnet.com . His short stories and poetry have been published in Moto magazine, Ngoma Yekwedu, a collection of Shona poetry, as well as in Tsotso, a magazine of new writing in Zimbabwe. Maxwell is currently studying English Literature in university. He is married to Crisie, and they have a son named Simbarashe.)