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"Short stories, essays and poetry from 'parts of the world where the Internet is not yet so strongly entrenched but where
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Congratulations to Crispin Oduobuk for having his short story "Maiduguri Road" selected among the 2007 Million Writers Award
Notable Stories of 2006.

Congratulations, again, to Anjana Basu and Mita Ghose for having their stories selected as Notable Stories of 2005 in the 2006 StorySouth Million Writers Award, and to  Anjana Basu for having her story "The Black Tongue" place third among the Top 10 in the StorySouth Million Writers Award

By Dilman Dila

When he reached the coffin the Mayor grabbed it by the small end and started to drag it away. The lid fell off and the body began to slide out. 
“Out of here! He's not my son.”

Myrna on the Bus
By Ric Jahna

It had been Walter’s idea to sell the Vermont home three years ago, not hers, and there is really little left for her in Florida. Being around so many others her age—the talk of operations, estate taxes, bowel movements—only makes her feel older, part of some wretched herd.

By Michael Woods


"The horrible greed of it all. The greed. Now the jungle will take over again like it always has. All our efforts will be reduced to nothing." 

By Siddhartha Som

Sujit insisted that I have dinner at his house. On the way there he  dropped a bombshell: He said he had named his son after me. “Siddhartha, I admired you so much all my life that I could not think of a more appropriate name for him.”

Border Crossings
By Anjana Basu

Four Centuries from Zagreb
By Viktor Car
17  Tomatoes
By Jaspreet Singh

 That is how it is and has been--eyes on either side of a border confronting each other and in the middle the ones who manage to slip away and find refuge.

What Price Identity?
By Anjana Basu

Brideless in Wembley
By Sanjay Suri
By Gautam Malkani

That is how it is and has been--eyes on either side of a border confronting each other and in the middle the ones who manage to slip away and find refuge.

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