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Congratulations to Dilman Dila for having his short story "Homecoming" selected among the 2008 Million Writers Award
Notable Stories of 2007.

Crispin Oduobuk's short story "Maiduguri Road" was selected among the 2007 Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2006.

Anjana Basu's  "The Black Tongue" and Mita Ghose's "Grey, White, Yellow" were selected as Notable Stories of 2005 in the 2006 StorySouth Million Writers Award. Anjana Basu's story "The Black Tongue" place third among the Top 10. 

Mohammad Nasrullah Khan and Marlene Amero's story "Donkey Man" was
selected among the Notable Online Short Stories of 2003 in the StorySouth Million Writers Award.

Anand Villa
A Short Story
By Tirumal Mundargi

He bought saplings and fenced in the open space surrounding the property with barbed wire. He placed pots of ornamental plants at the entranceway, along the staircase and on the balcony. Soon the house was green with vegetation. At the housewarming ceremony the guests  exclaimed, "What a house! A masterpiece!"

This Land Is My Land
A Letter from Calcutta
By Anjana Basu

The killings were all the more shocking because the villagers 
who had confronted the police had apparently gone prepared for an unarmed demonstration. There were women and children in the front ranks who had apparently been used as shields by their menfolk in an attempt to prevent what happened.

Uganda's Silver Screens
A Letter from Uganda
By Dilman Dila

Eventually, there are two parallel stories being told – the one by the filmmaker and the one by the translator, sometimes very different from each other.

The Memory Keeper
From the Novel
By Anjana Basu

“For memory is an imagination of a sort,” the Old Ones had told her. “And even the lies we tell hold some shadow of reality.” 

An Arabic Feast
A Review
By Gretchen McCullough

The American University in Cairo’s Press Book of Modern Arabic Literature
Edited by Denys Johnson-Davies

The Creeping Red Tide
A Review
By Anjana Basu

Red Sun: Travels in Naxalite Country 
By Sudeep Chakravarti

The Color of Evil
By Gowanus Editor
Thomas J. Hubschman

The eyes of the killers, those evil, infinite chambers of supernatural mischief were always and most emphatically "black." Did anyone describe Serbian or Khmer Rouge eyes that way?

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