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Congratulations to Crispin Oduobuk for having his short story "Maiduguri Road" selected among the 2007 Million Writers Award
Notable Stories of 2006.

Congratulations, again, toAnjana Basu and Mita Ghose for having their stories selected as Notable Stories of 2005 in the 2006 StorySouth Million Writers Award, and to  Anjana Basu for having her story "The Black Tongue" place third among the Top 10 in the StorySouth Million Writers Award

Playing Games
By Anietie Isong

When he came home I stood and watched the garri travel from his hand to his mouth. I watched and felt a lump in my throat.  My only, beloved son. The only thing that mattered to me. I felt a sudden desire to build a wall around him, to protect him from the terrors of this country.

The Woman Who Vanished
(From Lost in Transit)
By Anjana Basu

The piles of paper scattered around said the same things to me that they had said to the police: A man had died saving a girl and she had vanished into the night.

Fatma's New Teeth
By Gretchen McCullough

We all knew Fatma would feel much better about herself if she had a set of new teeth. When she smiled she looked like a jack-o’-lantern. She had served us loyally for years, even though she once put a backgammon set in Oliver’s washing machine. 

Linquistic Cleansing
The Sad fate of Punjabi in Pakistan 
By Abbas Zaidi

Pakistani Punjabis must be the only linguistic group in the world that has a dismissive--even derogatory--attitude towards their own language. I have talked to countless Punjabis both in Pakistan and outside. 
Most of them are willingly, even proudly, dumping their own language
in favor of Urdu.

Literary Quickies
A Review 
By Rodrigo V. Dela Peña, Jr.

Youthful angst, domestic drama, urban misadventures, love--with and without sex—the whole terrain of the human condition is deftly covered in this one volume. 

In Search of a Verdict
By Thomas J. Hubschman

Racism, the deliberate denigration of a defined group under the rationale of some supposed inferiority, is a pathology we originally constructed out of economic and social convenience. That it managed to mutate and take on a life of its own through each succeeding generation speaks more to the nature of social pathogens than it does to reality. 

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