GOWANUS Winter 2000

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                                        WINTER 2000


From our regular correspondents:


      Anjana Basu
The Kamasutra has everything to do with better sex, the West declared, and the jetsetters and their playmates began experimenting with the more complicated positions.


 Abbas Zaidi
 "Prophet Muhammad came in my dream and he ordered me to get in touch with you."

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The Unforgiven
 Alpa Sheth

  It was not the face of the beautiful girl he had left behind but a furry, shapeless monster. ‘O My God’ he blurted,  rushing out of the room in shocked pain. 

Winter Wonderland
Anthony Milne
(Trinidad & Tobago)

      By the time the bus come I was stiff, and when I try to get on I

couldn't move; my blasted shoes was stuck 
to the ice on the pavement.

                            Sung J. Woo

 All the things that those little scientists in their lab coats say about blind people, how their other senses take up the slack, it was completely true, even for an amateur blind man like me.

A Life in Exile
 Kwesi Bacchra 
(United Kingdom)

        The CPGB view of this intelligent but sometimes feisty 
        woman was clearly that, as a 'coloured' colonial subject of
       the British Empire, too much should not be expected of her.

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