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Spring 2000

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At the climax of his life, at 70,
Padma Bhushan Moitra was found dead in his bed
as the result of the combined attentions of three whores
and a host of goat-gland-bearing Swiss doctors.

by Anjana Basu



The displaced--now to be called dignificados--
are being transported by aircraft southward...to the
immense, underdeveloped southern State of Bolívar,
which makes up a full quarter of
Venezuela's total land mass.

by Anthony Milne
(Trinidad & Tobago)



 And then, under cover of darkness,
they blew this place up. Just because it's ours,
not theirs. And then we burnt down each other's houses
and slaughtered each other's families.

by Miroslav Kirin


The Shadow

'Can you not form an army of Islam and destroy them?'
'We must wait for the right time. Let their friends, the Jews,
destroy the West and weaken themselves beyond repair.
Then we shall deal with them all....'

by Abbas Zaidi



I stare through the coils of barbed wire toward the fake
and empty apartment buildings which North Korea has constructed
to convince the South Koreans how grand life is over there
(the South Koreans call it Propaganda Village).

by Thomas G. Fairbairn



                               The Cuckold
                             By Kiran Nagarkar

How do you make a saint believable, clothe her
in flesh and blood and show her to be
the family embarrassment she probably was?

                   PETALS IN A CRYSTAL BOWL
                         By Ipsita Roy Chakraverti

Roy Chakraverti knows that it is unusual for well-bred
Bengali girls to become witches but says
every strong woman can be a witch in her own right.

                  By Anjana Basu


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