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Winner of the MILKWEED AWARD

Spring 2002

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London Journal
By Raymond Ramcharitar
(Trinidad & Tobago)

 They say and we echo in our tourist brochures: "Explore your fascination with primitivism on the fringes of the heart of darkness."

El Señor de Qoyllur Rit’i

An Essay with Photos
By Adrian Locke
(United Kingdom)
Vicente Revilla

The Vulture
  By Abha Iyengar

“I deal in women, especially young ones,” I said. “Young chicks. Young ass.”

Desmodus Rufus
(English Version)
(Spanish Version)
By Viviana O'Connell
Translated by Mariana Regalado

We know which are the easiest prey.  We don't care if they are married.  What woman can lament the loss of such fickle beings.

A Welcome from our Latin American Editor

Islamic Calligraphy
The Inconsequential Politician

(And More!)

By Dana De Zoysa
(Sri Lanka)

Instead of “to articulate is to create” as found in the Graeco-Roman tradition, Islam operates on the principle, “to create is to articulate.”
Ahmed Ali has the dignity of one who knows deep in his core that he is a day late and an idea short, yet refuses to be defeated. 
Non-governmental organizations preoccupied with grabbing and holding turf end up focusing on the means to the neglect of the ends.

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