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Winner of the MILKWEED AWARD

Summer 2002

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Pessoa's Ghost
by Viktor Car

 "Don't worry, we look for our ghosts or they haunt us; with ghosts it is easy, there are no missed appointments."

The Queen of Tobacco
  By Beatrice Lamwaka

I didnít even care if they killed me. But why would they? They had called me 'Mama.'

The Moth
By Anjana Basu

I Could Take You to a Place
By James Jay Egan

"I had a dream," the American started, "that my friends and I were at a party, and the draft board came to the door, and the police and MPs and Army lined me and my friends up and started potting us off."

The Last Summer of Reason
Indelible Imprints


By Dana De Zoysa
(Sri Lanka)

Western psychological terms are fairly meaningless when applied to Asian behavior.

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