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Spring 1999

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The Lady & the Tiger...But Not the Truth

What do Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Gideon Johannes Nieuwoudt
have in common? Hint: It's not remorse.
by David Herman
(Republic of South Africa)
Heavenly Treatment
For a Heavenly People
During our endless discussions there was always one common thread--
Kosovo was sacred Serbian land and Albanians
 would have to be killed or expelled.
by Viktor Car
The Boli-Seller
A Short Story
The boli-seller would arrive the first Saturday of every month
and settle down on our doorstep, wiping the sweat
from his forehead with his turban.
by Vallath Nandakumar
Growing Up with Tobago
We set up our tent in a field in the Crown Point area near to a tap,
cooked over a fire, lay about in the sun or in the cool of the tent,
all of us thoroughly and meditatively stoned.
by Anthony Milne
(Trinidad & Tobago)
The Voice of the Downtrodden
They carry brooms tied to their bodies so that
they can wipe away their footprints.
by Razi Abedi
London Through the Magic Eye
Even more curious is the schism between what the British
see of the real world and what of the world is transmitted to them: No
inhibitions at being examined at length, but a certain coolness at examining
   others' lives in such detail.
by Raymond Ramcharitar
(Trinidad & Tobago)
Another Day
A Short Story
I think about Latha. When was the last time I saw her naked?
It is more than two years since we made love.
by S. Anand
Something poetic there is about train tracks.
by Raymond Ramcharitar
 (Trinidad & Tobago)
And So It Came to Pass
And when He left, it was not sitting on the toilet of His Tennessee mansion,
 stomach cramping, eyes blurring, but blindfolded and alone before a
  CIA-sponsored firing squad, convicted of teaching school children how to read
  both Spanish and English texts.
by Holly Day
(United States of America)
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