THOMAS J. HUBSCHMAN a freelance writer and editor based in New York City.

 He has published several novels, most recently Look at Me Now, Father Walther's Temptation, My Bess, Song of the MockingbirThe Jew's Wife & Other Storiesd and 
Billy Boy, a collection of short stories The Jew's Wife & Other Stories, and three science fiction novels, as well as numerous short stories, articles and reviews.

Two of his short stories, "Logging On" and "The World," have been broadcast 
My Besson the BBC World Service.

In addition, he has edited two anthologies of new writing from the so-called Third World:
The Best of Gowanus: New Writing from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean and  The Best of Gowanus II: More New Writing from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.
The Best of Gowanus

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