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Spring 2003

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Time Must Wait 
By Crispin Oduobuk

 All of Forneeso has heard that Assak’s daughter is dead, and that "he sacrificed her, you know, that Awakening thing of his."

A Dark Place

By Andrew McKenna

A great whistling filled the night as bombs rained down. The Americans were dropping incendiaries, and much of Tokyo was built of rice paper and wood.

The Donkey-Man
 By Mohammad Nasrullah Khan 
& Marlene Amero

There were two cows, three goats, one mare, one donkey, one dog, and one Hussani, who I thought was also an animal. 

Face Value
By Anjana Basu

The faster they were, the faster they flicked out their tubes and lipsticked their mouths in their compact reflections, while the men watched in open or discreet admiration.

Dos Poemas

Por Odi Gonzales

Two Poems
By Odi Gonzales
Translated by Lynn Levin

The work of Odi Gonzales brings together the intense contours of the Andean culture and the informality and ease of contemporary American poetry.

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