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Congratulations to Anjana Basu for having her story The Woman Who Vanished selected among the 2009 Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2008.
Congratulations to Dilman Dila for having his short story Homecoming selected among the 2008 Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2007.
Crispin Oduobuk's short story Maiduguri Road was selected among the 2007
Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2006.
Anjana Basu's The Black Tongue and Mita Ghose's Grey, White, Yellow were selected as Notable Stories of 2005 in the 2006 StorySouth Million Writers Award. Anjana Basu's story The Black Tongue placed third among the Top 10.
Mohammad Nasrullah Khan and Marlene Amero's story Donkey Man was selected among the Notable Online Short Stories of 2003 in the StorySouth Million Writers Award.

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The Clarinet
A Short Story

When you threw a birthday party for your son, I played for him, free of charge and your wife cried,” Ivan, the clarinetist, said. “And your father recovered after I played for him, although the doctor said the old man was just about to meet his maker.”
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Out of Africa
A Retrospective Review
The African Witch
by Joyce Cary

Joyce Cary seems something of an anomaly if you consider the history of African fiction as written by non-Africans. While his viewpoint of the African community is an outsider’s, he does make an attempt to get inside the African’s skin and is one of the few non-African writers to try to do so sympathetically, albeit self-consciously.
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Winter Wonderland
(Trinidad & Tobago)

I took him for a Trinidadian, so I say, "Pardner, I want to make a little carne vinadash for the Christmas". He say, "Beg your pardon, guvner?" in one helluva English accent. I say to myself, "What the hell is this boy?"
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When Spring Comes

He flicked on the bathroom light and was greeted by a thick mat of green and blooming vines clinging to and completely obscuring the shower curtain. A large lily pad topped by a tightly-closed white bud floated in the toilet.
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Gin and Polo
Burmese Days

The story doesn’t hang on some small character or cultural flaw, but takes in the entire situation, the indigenous culture versus the foreign culture, and holds them both up to an equal flame of scrutiny. No one is innocent, no one is honest, and though some are worse than others only one character escapes the ending with some dignity.
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