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Winter 2002

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In Search of an Inca
(Buscando un Inca)
By Luis Nieto
(English Version)
(Spanish Version)

 "You are yachay, cold, pure intellect. I am a munay; I live for love."

A Review

By Dana De Zoysa
(Sri Lanka)

 Muslim thinking can be visualized as a single, vast, flat sheet of equality and unity basedon the principles of umma (the brotherhood of believers) and tawhid (unity with God).

Family Affairs
  By Alpa Sheth

Suddenly she felt old. The years of the affair had kept her excited like a schoolgirl, breathlessly anticipating the embrace that would welcome her on reaching Amitís apartment every morning.

VS Naipaul: A Life in Full
By Raymond Ramcharitar
(Trinidad & Tobago)

The feminists, the post-colonialists, the Afrocentrists, the Islamicists, the entire sub-continent of India, most of the Caribbean...all have formed an extraordinary consensus in their hatred of him.

Easter in Naples
 By Sheila Wright

      He is afraid of Mamma and cries when we bring him close to her, her pain and suffering palpable to him. The tastes, the sounds, the smells, all are foreign.  At night he clings to me for comfort.

Señor Peebles

By Christopher A. Williams

There were times though--before the madness--where Iíd find myself gazing at Señor Peebles with an elusive kind of wide-eyed suspicion-slash-interest. Damn weird, I would think, what a damn weird bird. 

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