GOWANUS Summer 2000

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                                         Summer 2000


From our regular correspondents:

To Hell and Back...
and Back

      Anjana Basu
The hijacking actually had all the makings of a patriotic Hindi film, though there might be some problems fitting in the song-and-dance numbers.

       View from the
          Back Row
    Anthony Milne
   (Trinidad & Tobago)

Montooth was a crack shot with rubber bands and paper pellets, which he reinforced with staples. 

   Whores &Terrorists:

The Filipino-Pakistani Interface
 Abbas Zaidi
Sex is considered to be an implicit part of the job for Filipino housemaids.

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The Long Journey
 Vasanthi Victor

 How could she, she asks herself, live in such a cold place? 
She has always been such a warm-blooded creature, a woman accustomed to heat beating down on her. How could she, of all people, bear to walk with her feet covered?

Memory's Nest
Paul Toth

“Charley, do you know what a doctor is? A glorified janitor.
I won't live with a janitor."

                        The Waters of April

 Jojo Malig

 It's only gradually you notice there are three or four different voices of frogs singing: the low rolling croaks coming off the surface 
of the water; the warbling mid-tone melodies that seem to 
fly across the pond diagonally, sometimes hovering over the middle of the water; and then up in the trees the real source of 
the racket—tree frogs.

The Transformation of Sleepy Hollow
Richard Czujko
(South Africa)

Protests against apartheid have now become 
demonstrations against unemployment.

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