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Summer 1999

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Blood and Champagne
Poor Jessica, she died young but quick,
let's hide the booze before the police get here.
by Anjana Basu
Life and Death on Shiva's Beach
What is a turtle worth? Worth getting stabbed for?
Worth shooting someone for?
by Paul Spencer Sochaczewski
Curses & Poetry
"Don't fret," Hansabati's maid told her, as she fanned her
in the silence of her room at night. "Nothing but good will come of this.
It is a girl's duty to get married."
by Anjana Basu
                                  My Shadow 
by Razi Abedi
The Burden of Grace
A Short Story
"A manifold of deaths, being eaten alive."
Better a quick bullet, amply more merciful.
by Vasilis Afxentiou
A Feast of Crows
A Short Story
After 157 years of service, he was neatly and quietly
pushed out of his job. Disposable humans.
Best if used before 400 years.
by KC Chase
Letter from Caracas
The country's bishops have issued cautions about what may
or may not be going on at the shrine in Betania.
by Anthony Milne
(Trinidad & Tobago)
Confessions of a Sentimentalist
I feel, therefore I am.
By Edward L. Wier
Ball of Fire
                  Our minds have contrived lights, lamps, candles for us--
                   quite enough for our survival in the impending darkness.
by Roohi Choudhry
 (South Africa)
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